• Invisible Ink Marked Cards
  • Barcode Deck for Akk Analyzer
  • Akk CVK Analyzer
  • Gamble Dice
Luminous infrared magic marked playing decks

GS infrared marked deck which marked by special IR luminous invisible ink will be a nice choice for you to make fun or fool others in life.

Ultraviolet contact lenses marked playing cards Bicycle

GS ultra ultraviolet magic juice back marked bicycle cards can work with UV contact lenses to make poker magicians to play wonderful poker trick shows easily.

GS contact lenses for infrared marking decks

The infrared juiced marked poker cards contact lenses supplied by GS is in professional quality and can help playing cards players to see the IR marked decks games effectively.

Magic Blackjack shoe poker scanner to read regular poker

GS can process various kinds of blackjack shoes with inserted a HD scanning camera lens to read the regular poker cards and show the points and suits of them for users in clear and secret.

AKK K4 poker scanning system

AKK K4 is the newest poker analyzer in 2016 and features suitable for many kinds of poker cards games, multilingual versions, double HD local scanning camera lens and 100% accurate game results report.

All in one CVK 350 poker analyzer system

CVK 350 poker analyzer system is one of the all in one marked playing scanning systems of GS, it can help you to predict various kinds of poker games result accurately.

Omnipotent poker scanning system PK King 518

PK King 518 poker analyzer is neither the most expensive nor the traditional kind ones which has longer scanning range and more accurate prediction rate for helping you to forecast the games result rapidly.

Infrared luminous marking dominos

GS luminous invisible ink marked dominos have special markings on their backs which are invisible under natural light and only with our special luminous contact lenses can you read them clearly.